Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Other Intesting Spots

Here are some of the other interesting spots in and around the greenhouses. The picture below shows our Trumpet Vine. It's growing over the edge of the arbour that shades our young exterior trees and bushes. When the the plants under the arbour get large enough they are planted around campus. I really love this vine. It grows very well here but can easily be kept in check with pruning so it's not invasive.

Another one of our interesting outdoor spaces is our lavender wall. Along with the lavender (purple and white) there are several species of Sedum and various other succulents. Some Mallow has also begun to colonize the area in several places. Very little maintenance is required other than the occasional removal of Golden Rod. Sorry about the shady pictures, the area gets much more light in the afternoon.

Finally here is our greenhouse tunnel! Yes we have our very own tunnel. It connects the upper greenhouses to the lower ones. This picture is taken from the lower greenhouse. Does any one else have a tunnel?

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