Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Japanese Maple Cuttings

Along with the seeds I'm also trying to start some Red Cutleaf Japanese Maples. The cuttings are about 15cm long. I removed the lower leaves and dipped the ends in rooting hormone. These were placed in an old gummy bear container with vermiculite. Then I placed the entire thing in a high-tech growth chamber (cake container). All and all it's a very high budget operation!


  1. Well the cuttings never dried out but they also never rooted so I've just given up and thrown them out.

  2. I rooted Japanese Maple cutting in plain potting soil and they developed roots every time. Keep soil moist but not wet. The cold weather got mine this year so now I am looking for more cuttings, plants or seeds.

  3. Good to know. I'm trying to start some from seed now. Only time will tell.

  4. you might try a bubble cloner or a flood and drain system. This will give your rooting stem and Kick but environment. Wet but plenty of 02 being drawn or forced into the system. Because of the duration of the process for japanese Maples you need to change your water ever week minimum and It would help to keep your root temperature in the 75-79F range..(guessing)
    your system is a little too stagnant for my liking...but it should work if you water 2x a day or so. I'm using a passive sand over perlite cloner now...just a lid over that and keep at 75+ spray every so often open the lid...water as needed...(rinse repeat)


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