Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Germination Time

I've gotten permission to germinate a few seeds in the greenhouses. I'm starting some house plants, local trees and vegetables. I soaked/stratified the seeds for a few days in damp paper towel. I added water as needed and checked to make sure their was no mould. They were kept at room temperature but higher temperatures would likely be better. Below you can see them just before they were planted. Several of them have already started to put out roots.

Moringa oleifera (the black is charcoal)

Clivia (Orange)

Chinese Evergreen

Coffea arabica

Kentucky Coffee Tree

Ginger (various species)

Here is the tray that I stratified the seeds in. It was a fruit tray from some grocery store.

Hope you enjoy the sprouting seeds pictures. Over the next few days I'll upload some pictures of the planted seeds.

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