Friday, February 17, 2012

Flower Friday

I'm a huge fan of Bougainvillea.  A large Bougainvillea in bloom is really a sight to behold, it's absolutely gorgeous.  They'll actually grow relatively well even as houseplants when given a tonne of sun.  The only downside for me is that they have thorns.  For some reason thorns and I don't mix.  I remember my first experience with a rose as a child.  After staring at a lovely flower for about 20 seconds I realized I had grabbed the stem and had a thorn buried deep in my thumb.  For some reason I don't remember what happened after that...

Thorns aside, this is one plant that I would love to have even though I know I'll be tempting fate.  Some varieties even have variegated leaves and you can see that they come in a variety of colours.  They grow readily from cuttings, so maybe I'll ask if I can start one.  Enjoy the lovely blooms!


  1. I knew that Bougainvillea existed, but I didn't really know what they were or what they looked like--I just knew people planted them in their yards and such. That ignorance vanished when I moved to Saudi Arabia. OMG they were everywhere on KAUST's campus. Huge trimmed bush-shapes, vining up trellises homemade by residents, double-blooming purple ones, white ones--well, that was about it, there wasn't a TON of variety of plant life in the landscaping over there, but the Bougainvillea were gorgeous. I tried rooting a cutting once, but I think it was too wet--it rotted. And then I left before I tried again.

    Now I want some--but I don't have outdoor space (again). I think they probably aren't very good indoors--not that I think they wouldn't grow, I just don't think they'd be too happy.

  2. So pretty! When I worked at Longwood Gardens they had about a dozen 100+ year old bougies growing in the conservatory. They were a sight to behold!

  3. Kenneth, well I'm glad you at least got to see them in person. I've only seen photos of established plants. The ones in the greenhouses are just a few feet tall. I think they actually lost about half of the cutting that were started. It's hard to get the watering schedule right for those things.

    Tom, that sounds absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I accidently hit "delete" instead of "publish" for a comment by The Bloomin' Garden ( so here it is:

    I love them as well. When I traveled to Arizona I was shocked to see them growing on all the boulevards, almost like weeds. If only they knew how we would give anything to grow one in our climate.


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