Monday, October 10, 2011

Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis) at 2 Months

First of all, happy Thanksgiving!  I have had a tonne of seedlings updates over the last few days.  This is the last one, I promise.  I started these seeds from fruit I purchased at a local market.  This is probably the most dramatic transformation of all the seedlings.  They were growing well outside but as soon as I brought them in the new leaves doubled in size.  When I check on them a week later it took me a few seconds to figure out what I was looking at!

Here you can see them just after I moved them outside.  They spent about a month outdoors and have been in the UWO greenhouses for about two weeks now.  This is not the hardy passion flower and doesn't tolerate cold well.  I actually have 6 pots worth but these plants are much easier to photograph individually.  Hopefully within a few months I'll be growing some fruit of my own!


  1. Wow, all your seedlings sure are coming along well. Do you know which species of passionfruit this is?

  2. Hi Andrew, my male namesake, commenting in my site. I can see you have lots of seedlings and cuttings. It is nice if you can make this seedling to fruiting stage. They look so healthy.

  3. Love this vine!!! Does well here in Tucson, but the caterpillars love chomping it down! Good luck.

  4. @CollegeGardener, I believe it's Passiflora edulis, the tropical yellow variety. No idea what cultivar though.

    @Andrew, indeed it is the male version of Andrea. I'm hoping to get fruit but I'm not sure how practical it is here. You have a lot of beautiful plants around where you live.

    @Rohrerbot, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for caterpillars. Who knows what would eat a non-native tropical in my climate?


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