Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Germinating Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla)

    Hurray, another fig!  Now what attracted me to this fig?  Could it have been the incredible roots?  Maybe it was the lovely smooth bark.  Then again it has edible figs and can easily be trained into a bonsai.  Seems like a great combination of traits to me.  Clearly I just had to have one.  Also yes, I do expect to have one get this big and take over a greenhouse somewhere...

    The tree in the photo above is actually located in California.  Ficus macrophylla are rated for USDA zone 9b and can grow to a height of 60m with a similar spread.  Once again I intend to use my ficus method for germination.  I'll just fill some plastic take out containers with a seed starting mix.  Then I'll sprinkle on the seeds, put the lid on, and leave in a southern window until they sprout.

    Tomorrow I'll break with tradition and actually post about something hardy in my zone (USDA zone 6), Black Iris (Iris chrysographes).


  1. That fig is great....but the roots are problematic for some. But if you have the room, they are amazing!

  2. @Rohrerbot, Isn't it great? I'll grow it in a way that takes advantage of those great roots. Maybe a large shallow pot. I'm not planting it outside so should be able to keep it in check.


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