Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lithops Update

Hey everyone! I'm still alive, I've just been pretty busy the last few weeks. I recently had to bring my Lithops in because it's been raining just about every day. I figured I'd take the opportunity to post some pictures. It's pretty bright so the colours are a bit bleached out but I have about 4 different varieties.

At least eight have survived; I've noticed some pull beneath the substrate but return later when really stressed. I had twice as many planted after I moved back to Ontario. Unfortunately I shipped ahead of time and the person I sent them too wasn't a plant expert. Needless to say, about half of them died (the post sat upside down in a centimeter of water for a few days). They're still a bit small (averaging about 1cm) but I'm hoping by next summer I'll have some flowers. Then I can start some new seedlings!


  1. Hi! I haven't commented on your blog in ages, but I just sent you the "Versatile Blogger Award":

  2. Holy cow. Same here. Glad to know you're okay. Lithops, for me, are really tricky to grow.

  3. They can be a bit of a pain. Other than the loses from moving they've been alright, just really slow growing. I don't really water them right now, just mist every morning a few times.


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