Monday, August 15, 2011

Ficus benghalensis & religiosa Seedling Update II

Although my ficus seedlings seem to be growing slowly they seem healthy. I transplanted them into small pots from the original germination containers a few weeks ago. I figured I'd put a bunch in each pot because I'd heard that sometimes the seedlings are finicky and will die. Somehow, literally every seedling survived the transplant. I should probably cull some of them soon, maybe leaving 4 per pot. I'll pinch them at the soil level so I don't disturb the roots of the seedlings I keep.

I have a few pots of each species. Below you can see some of the Ficus benghalensis:

... and here are the Ficus religiosa:

I'm hoping to train some into little bonsai-like plants and grow others in a semi-epiphytic state. It all depends on how many survive. In the current hot weather, they seem to LOVE water. I've noticed the pots "standing" in the water have the largest seedlings. I expect growth to keep picking up as they get older and I've removed the competing plants.


  1. Culling seedlings is always the hardest part for me because I am just so happy when stuff germinates in the first place.

  2. LOL agreed. Then I always worry some of them will die as they get older. Then I'd regret culling too many seedlings...


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