Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adenium & Lithops Update

I was recently emailed by someone who was starting some Adenium and hoping to sprout some Lithops. He was interested in seeing how they were doing and it's about time I update so here they are! The Lithops are still growing slowly. I haven't lost any recently and I think the few that look a little odd will be alright.

The Adenium have been slowly coming back to life after their last dormancy (actually a leaf hopper attack but dormancy makes me feel better about not catching it in time). It's cooling down so I've brought them inside until next year. I have one under artificial light to see how it does. I'll probably have to move them all there eventually because winters here don't see very much sun.


  1. Hey, the leaf hopper attack really WAS a dormancy! It just happened because you didn't catch the leaf hopper attack in time! I'm glad you're growing lithops and I'll probably try it myself as soon as I find some.

  2. Those lithops are so cute. I finally got one to bloom just recently though I also have a few that look sort of sad. My conophytum are all dormant now but a bunch of them bloomed so at least I know they are alive. I'll start watering them again soon and hopefully they will plump up. Adenium I have just never had luck with. I give up on them. They always look horrible for me.

  3. That someone who emailed you was me :D

    Anyway tx for the update. Actually I was hoping to see some flowers. Atm I have sown 10 different kind of Adenium Obesum. So far 5 kinds germinated. So I got good seed.

    It's always interesting to see your progress. I still have 4 lithops left and a few are shedding their skin and look healty. 1 Was attacked by a caterpillar and got partially eaten. But no worries it's doing fine now.

    Greetz from Belgium Europe

  4. Sure was! Unfortunately the Adenium flower bud fell off... I was a little devastated but I survived. I thought it was from some pests but it may have just been too little water during active growth. Most of my plants are started to branch. One has about 14 little side branches started from almost every leaf bud.

  5. It could very well be to little water. I've red that although Adenium is a desert plant, you should treat it like a tropical plant when it's growing. By giving it lots of water (well drained soil ofcourse) and lots of fertilizer. In Thailand they use chicken poo. And then the Adeniums grow like rockets.

    Most cultivated Adeniums don't need to go dormant. Certainly not when young. Unless plants go dormant by themselves treat them like a desert plant. But don't force them into dormancy.

    I hope this might help save your flowers next time :D

    Greetz M

  6. I just didn't realize how fast they'd dry out in full sun all day. I'd kept them inside up to that point and it was a bit more manageable. I should have been soaking every day!

    I'll make sure not to make the same mistake next time.

  7. Good luck growing this. A few setbacks but is seems to be growing nice.

  8. I have them all under artificial light now. I tested with just one and it's really taken off. Maybe I'll even get some flowers over the next few months! Just need to keep them nice and wet.


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