Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yucca rostrata Transplant, Musa basjoo, stevia

Not only did my banana make it across the country without even the slightest amount of mould, but it is now thriving! All four of the pups survived and have grown considerable. The only thing slowing growth is a lack of water. Every night I soak it and by the end of the next day it is dried out and often wilting. I might need to stand it in a tray.

It's really crazy in Vancouver. You see bananas everywhere. Musa basjoo is hardy here and often the stems will survive the winter unprotected. Cold spell will however kill them down to the rhizome so many people wrap them.

My Yucca rostrata have also been doing well. They desperately need to be repotted. They look small but I checked the roots. The one on the right has the upper soil washed away. I need to repot it soon because the growth is clearly lagging behind the other.

Now stevia! it is sweet. Unfortunately some other animal realizes that as well and has been routinely munching on it. I think I might bring them to my community plot. It seems like they're finally large enough.


  1. I have tried growing musa here and it is so frustrating!!! The winds really make this plant look terrible.....I am going to pot some next summer again....I think they are very beautiful plants. Good luck....and yes they need a lot of water, but I think I had an issue with that as well:)

  2. I find they tend to look best well sheltered with part shade. This slows the growth and results in large, deep green and untattered leaves. This one gets full sun just to speed up growth but is well sheltered. I think I may need to set up an I.V. though.

  3. It seems like you've settled into your new hometown nicely. It must be really exciting to start anew.

    I have tons stevia at the moment but have no idea what to do with it all.

  4. That banana tree looks great! One of my neighbor has some in her garden they are beautiful!

  5. @Stevie, I don't have too much right now but to sweeten tea/coffee. You can even blend it with water and use instead of sugar in recipes.

    @Thomas, Sure have! You should google recipes. Just blend with water to use in place of sugar.

    @Laura, They look best when the leaves are protected. Thanks!

  6. Stevia is pretty tough. I've broken my two plants several times by accidentally falling on them (don't ask) and they went a week without water and bounced back. I think yours would probably be happier at the community garden now that they look to be a good size.

  7. @MrBrownThumb, It seems to be tough. I just went and planted it in my plot last night. It was already pot bound! One vigorous little plant.

  8. Here is a link from Plant Delights Nursery that contains a list of great Musa cultivars plus an article on their history, and cultivation:


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