Friday, July 16, 2010

Lynn Canyon Park

We LOVE Lynn Canyon Park! It's located in North Vancouver and is about a 15 minute drive from where we live. The place is amazing. It includes a barbecue area, suspension bridge, rapids, waterfalls, trails, boardwalks, swimming in pristine glacial melt water, and more. All completely free!
We've been there a few time already but we have a friend down from London, Ontario and figured we'd take another trek. I took 51 pictures today but I figured 3 would be enough to upload. They really do not do it justice. It's an amazing place!  If you don't live in Vancouver, you probably should.  Just FYI.
Tomorrow it's off to Whistler. We'll probably to some more hiking (over three hours today) and possibly some kayak rentals. I'll probably upload some photos of the other amazing places we've been over the next few days as well.  It's also James' birthday tomorrow!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to James!!!

    Your guys are having so much fun in your new locale...I am jealous! :)

    Gorgeous park there!!! Suspension bridges are so great!!!

  2. That is so beautiful!! And ditto on the suspension bridges:)

  3. happy birthday to James!

    I really wish I had the parks here that you have up north. I've been thinking a trip to big bend might be in order... just not in the heat of summer...

  4. It's a great place. Just got back from Whistler. It's too commercialized. Most of the paths are gravel. I want dirt, tree roots and rocks! Tired. Nite.

  5. Very nice! Really need to make it out west ones of these days. I've always wanted to rent an RV and truck across the country.

  6. Everyone should live here. Here rocks!

    Happy birthday James!

  7. Wow, that is gorgeous! (filthy--no. Sorry, I've been listening to the Scissor Sisters too much lately.)

    Two more reasons to visit BC, on an already full list...! Maybe I'll bike out to BC one day.

    Happy Belated B-Day, James!

  8. @Dan, you should definitely take a trek out here. Just a warning, the prairies in the spring are terrible. Just cloud above and mud below.

    @Laura, James says thanks! Everyone should live here. It's odd that they don't. I feel a little sorry for them. :P

    @Kenneth, You can never listen to too much of them. Ew two t(w)o(o)s in a row. Oh no another couple of them. Wait so if you can spell it to, too or two but you want to refer to the three t(w)o(o)s, is that how you have to spell it? I'm so very confused. How did it come to this?


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