Friday, July 2, 2010

Lithops Update VIII

I didn't end up bringing the Conophytum to Vancouver but I did bring my Lithops seedlings.  They have done extremely well and I started placing them outside during sunny weather and bringing them in for the night.  I think they would be fine to stay out all the time.  Unfortunately they're still really tiny and if they get knocked over or a bird decides to relieve itself, there may be a problem.  I figure it reduces the risk to only keep them out when necessary.  :)
About half of them have begun their first leaf renewal cycle.  The seed leaves have shriveled and a new pair of leaves baring adult colouration have appeared.  Hopefully I'll end up with a good variety of colours but I'll have to wait a few more months to find out for sure.  Still no luck on the job front, but I'm working on it.  Just takes some time!


  1. You need some different color top is soooo hard to see the little babies! LOL!
    Still hopin and praying for your perfect job to come along there!!! Plus, I've got my fingers crossed too, for good measure!
    P.S. I tried Twitter, and failed at it...had to give it up.

  2. they look healthy and strong (and very cute, too :) )

    ps: good luck with the job~

  3. I think I see them! Oh that might be a rock! Argg! Hopefully they settle in nicely to their new home!

  4. I agree that they look strong and healthy. Lithops are one of those species that I am destined to admire from afar; I can't seem to get the hang of them. So I enjoyed perusing your pictures.

  5. Nice job! Lithops are so rewarding grown from seed, don't you think? Are you sure you don't have a few Conophytum in there too??

  6. @Julie, twitter is weird. I had an account for at least six months before I actually started using it. You need to add a bunch of people or it's useless. Thanks for the support, hopefully something will come along!

    @Rika, I'm glad they look healthy. I wasn't sure. I was worried they were a bit too tall but I think the substrate has compressed a bit.

    @Laura, hard to see, I know. I might add a white top dressing. They fit in perfectly though which is kind of fun. Makes it feel like their nature environment.

    @Karen715, I'm glad you like following my progress. Everyone has a few plants that are just impossible to grow. For those we live vicariously through others. :)

    @Barry Parker, They are fun to grow from seed. There very well may be some Conophytum. In fact I hope there are because I'd like to have both species. The seed provider grows both so it wouldn't surprise me if a few were mixed up.

  7. They look great. At this stage I had a hard time identifying them from the real rocks in the pot.

  8. The lithops look great! Too bad about the job. Are you looking forward to a fun weekend at the gardens?

  9. @Mr Brown Thumb, it seems to get harder to see them every day.

    @Stevie, I have a job part time as a painter now. I think we ended up bringing about 150 people over to cottonwood with year which is about 5 times what's typical. The chili took a while to arrive though.


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