Thursday, May 6, 2010

Operation Relocation - Day 6 - Jasper to Kamloops to Vancouver

Today we started out in Jasper.  From the picture it may be hard to tell, but the Rockies are basically two chains with some large hills dividing them in the centre.  Our plan was to stop in Kamloops but we ended up going all the way to Vancouver.  We're finally here!
The journey to Kamloops was filled with beautiful scenery and some really tall mountains.  The mountain in the third picture is Mount Robson which is one of the highest points in the Canadian Rockies at 3954m.  You can't even see the top because it is covered with clouds.  As we got closer to Kamloops, the sky began to clear.
Kamloops is one of the oddest places I have ever been.  It looks like some Mediterranean area approaching desert.  Although we went through the city it was very commercialized and seemed somewhat cookie-cutter.  There were major brands and big box stores everywhere with little in the way of a local culture.  The most interesting part of the city was the scenery surrounding it, visible in the picture below.
We continued on to Vancouver on what was the craziest drive of our lives.  Each valley and portion of the journey was completely different.  It could be any combination of sun, rain, snow, coniferous trees and deciduous trees with or without leaves.  The experience was surreal.  At one point we were surrounded by snow banks as deep as 3m (10ft).  As we got closer the trees became much larger than I had ever seen before and vibrantly green.  The picture below looks like something from an inspirational quote.
We ended up going through Surrey, New Westminster and Burnaby before ended in Vancouver.  Below you can see a picture of part Surrey.  I was on map duty so I didn't end up taking any more.  This city is like a botanical garden.  There are flowers and unique trees everywhere.  One this street I have seen many different species of bamboo, palm trees, and plants I can't even identify.  I'm excited to get out and see more of the city!
I'm a little exhausted and we need to get settled in.  At this point we don't even know where to buy groceries.  Thanks for following along and there will be much more to come!  I have a plant collection to rebuild!


  1. Welcome home boys. Get some rest and get settled in.

  2. Thanks everyone! This place is awesome. It's five minutes to literally everything!


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