Saturday, May 1, 2010

Operation Relocation - Day 1 - London to Timmins

So today we drove from London to Timmins with a stop over in Sudbury.  It was actually a lot of fun.  Jame was fine driving to Sudbury and then I took over to Timmins.  We kept driving to the point where the forests were mostly conifers with some poplar and birch.
Along the edge of the road there was some grass but a lot of lichens.  Overall it's extremely rocky up here but there were a few patches of sandy soil along the way.  We left at about 8:00am and finished around 6:00pm including all stops.
We visited a few fun sites along the way.  These include:

 Shania Twain Centre (Timmins).  We're not really Shania Twain fans but it's pretty much all there was in Timmins so we thought why not.
 There's also some remaining buildings from a gold mine.  
McIntyre Mine and nearby park
 We'll make it to Thunder Bay tomorrow and I'll be sure to update again.  Finally the car morning glory seeds!


  1. Beautiful all those lovely trees!
    Glad you got to stop at some fun spots!!!

  2. I'm enjoying your journey. You both are so lucky!

  3. Are you sowing seeds in your car? LOL. That's awesome. Hope you continue to have a safe and fun trip.

  4. @Julie, it is really nice. We know someone else that drove the route and she said the worst part was not taking enough time. It's a lot funner this way!

    @The Gaudy Garden, I'm glad you're enjoying it! We haven't traveled at all during university and took summer classes and worked on campus. It's a much needed break.

    @Mr Brown Thumb, Yep! I cheated a little though. I soaked them for a day and then only picked the ones with little root nubs. Hopefully they can actually grow with the continually high vibrations!

  5. When in Timmon's do as the Timmoneons (?) do. Love the picture of the old gold buildings. They look very Orwellian.

  6. @Laura, Yeah I'm not really sure what they call themselves. Dystopian buildings indeed!


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