Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bloom Day May - Strathcona Plots

Today I went to Strathcona Park and to see the community garden plots.  They seem like a good size.  They were brought to my attention by Stevie from Garden Therapy.  It's only $10/year to become a member plus $5/year for a plot.  This includes water and overhead costs.  I'm interested but might wait a few more weeks until I have things straightened around.
They have started a new triangle of plots to keep up with the demand.  You can see some volunteers hard at work setting things up below.
Seeing as I have nothing blooming, I also nabbed some photos.  The older portion is filled with a mixture of vegetables and flowers.  It's really nice even just to walk through.  Now I need to continue with the job search!


  1. Nice blooms! I haven't been to that community garden, but it looks nice. Great price too!

  2. I'm not aware of any community gardens in my area of the world, but it may be an idea that's just beginning to start up here... anyway, it looks like a great place to get your horticultural instincts going... I definitely think it's a good idea for you... Good luck on the job hunt!

  3. Darn, I wish you watered my plot when you were there :)

    If you are interested in a plot - there is a waiting list. You become a member by coming to a work party on the last Sunday of every month. The next one is May 30th. Hope to see you there!

  4. In Portland we have a very long waiting list for most of our community gardens and they are more expensive. Hope you can get one!

  5. I just realized I didn't respond to anyone on this post! I'm a really bad person...

    @Laura, it's a bit far but you should definitely take a look if you can.

    @Claude, you could start one! I applied to 13 more firms today so hopefully something pans out.

    @Julie, sure is!

    @Stevie, I would have watered it if I had known! I think I'll be there on the 30th.

    @Ficurinia, I'm hoping I won't have to wait too long. There are a bunch of new plots so hopefully that will shorten the wait times.


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