Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Unfortunately Earth Week was during my final exam period so I really haven't done too much.  I feel a little bad.  This is my last exam period ever though so next year I'll be out in full force.  I probably won't get out today so here are some pictures from a few days ago.  The hellbore and the last magnolia are my favourites.  Have a great Earth Day!


  1. Happy Earth Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Am talking to hubby this morning about going for a drive in the country this morning in honor of it. We are both sick, but want some fresh air and beauty!
    Lovely top pic...have never seen it before and it sure is purdy!!!

  2. Happy Earth day! Beautiful Magnolia!

    I'm going to try to get some more patio planting done with the kids today, but so far the weathers not cooperating for anything more intensive.

  3. Julie, you should bike. :) Enjoy the trip, being sick is no fun. The first one is primerose.

    Laura, I love magnolia. There are so many different varieties too! Good luck with the planting. It's sunny here but kind of cool.

  4. Yes indeed! Happy Earth Day! Hopefully you did get to step outside a bit today.

  5. Happy Earth Day to you - I really like the second to last magnolia. Now hurry up and finish school so you can get out to Vancouver - you'll love it here!

  6. Finished classes. I could leave in less than a week!


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