Monday, April 5, 2010

Adenium arabicum Update IX (228 Days) Mega Transplant!

I figured it was about time to finally transplant my Adenium arabicum into individual pots.  They've shared pots for about 228 days and it's been long enough.  The largest actually grew into the lights and is a little burnt.  Now I'm sorry about the billions of pictures but I couldn't help it.  These are probably my favourite plants right now.  They're basically my babies.  I was originally planning to keep about 4 or 5.  NOPE.  I let the two saddest go and that was the best I could do.  I'll donate two or so to the UWO Greenhouses too.

For the soil mix I used about 2 parts cacti mix, 1 part aquarium gravel and 1 part orchid mix.  My last mix had 50% of the cacti mix substituted for a peat based mix.  I needed my peat based soil for my Brugmansia.  I tried not to interfere with the roots but the soil fell away very easily.  After everything was planted I gave them a good soaking in the tub.  I love the diversity of these plants.  I think I also have one plant that's a dwarf variety.  It has really tiny leaves compared to the others.

Hopefully they won't lose their leaves and go dormant.  I transplanted the four largest a few weeks earlier and they stopped growing for about two weeks but didn't drop their leaves.  They have since resumed and are doing well.  Hopefully I'll get some flowers this summer.  Now just two more pictures.  I moved them around a few times to make sure everything would fit.  They look great!  I love that I grew these all from seed and they've done so well!


  1. Hmmm. I hated Adenium at work,[1] but you're making me think I could grow them from seed and skip a lot of the stuff I didn't like about them. Maybe I'll try this sometime.


    [1] Well. Maybe not hated. But they were a lot of trouble.

  2. Other than a few transplant setbacks, I haven't had much trouble at all. They've been under grow lights the entire time though so conditions have been very constant. They're just so adorable... How couldn't you love them?

  3. Looking good! I remember how small these were last fall. Amazing how time flies. I'm sure they will enjoy their new homes.

  4. They really did grow quickly. The next milestone is flowers.

  5. Congrats on the seedlings and getting them this far.

  6. Thanks! I somehow haven't lost any since the initial transplant!

  7. hello there....
    I'm an adenium grower from indonesia... i have all of the adenium species and a hundred more of those hybrids....
    I would like to help you if you wanna know all the tips and tricks to grow adeniums....eventhough the climate in your home is vice versa from mine.. but i guess you should know the secret to grow them.... cos here in indonesia we're still got a plenty of problems to grow them correctly as any books or theories would tell... so, just email me I've had grown them for life... so just tell me what do you wanna know, I'd really love to help you...

  8. Your litle children here are all so cute and well behaved!!! I can't wait to see them flower and eventually become grown-ups!!! I'm glad you are having a hard time parting with always need to keep a few of your kids around...just for kicks and giggles!!! Congrats on all of your milestones thus far!!! :)

  9. ^ LOL mature xxx stories. That's nice but I think I'm going to have to remove you.


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