Monday, March 15, 2010

Under the Lights

I'll probably be starting some more seeds in the next few days so I figured it was time for an update on what I already have growing from seed.

Above you can see a crowded corner.  In the back are my Tiny Tim Tomatoes.  The largest one already has flower stalks and they started opening today.  I'm super excited to have indoor-extra-early tomatoes!  On the right you can see the Brugmansia (37 Days since sowing).  They're growing very well and I think the two plants already need to be separated.  There is a third tiny one but it probably won't grow very much until the others are removed because of the constant shade.  I love the toothed leaves! 

In the front you can see a little Lantana that was started from seed.  It keeps drying out so it doesn't look to happy right now.  The Purple Orach has been growing very slowly.  I don't know if this is typical because I've never grown it before.

Above you can see 9 Datura "Purple Blackcurrent Swirl".  Only one didn't germinate so it was a good batch of seeds.  They are growing extremely quickly and already have long roots out of the bottom.  I think I need to transplant them soon because they are definitely overshadowing each other.

Finally you can see a picture of the leeks (with Adenium behind).  Many are touching the fluorescent tubes so I think I might have to give them a bit of a hair cut.  Does half the height seem reasonable?


  1. Wow - look at all you have growing. I'm so impressed with everyone's grow ops - and that means a lot coming from a Vancouverite!

  2. LOL. Thanks. I really love all the pictures on your blog!

  3. Half a hair cut sounds like it would be ok to me...but I've never grown leeks! Good luck! All your little babies look just wonderful!

  4. Wow, things are really filling in. I am almost out of room and have barely started anything.

  5. Yeah half sounds good. It is annoying how quickly I run out of space. I need one of those shelves with five levels or something. I wanted to start some Castor Beans but they grow like crazy and I'm already down on room from the future Brugmansia and Datura transplants.

    I've also got some spinach, swiss chard, cherry tomatoes, Moringa stenopetala, morning glory, wild flowering pea, daylily and some others to start. Many I'll probably just direct sow. I was thinking about ordering some pitcher plant, venus fly trap, and sundew seeds. I think I'm going to wait until I find a job though. It probably wouldn't be good to lug seedlings across the country...

  6. I thought my shelves were crowded! You'll have to find a way to expand and fast!

  7. Sure will. It all depends on what happens with my job because I can't lug a bunch of plants across the country. A new position was just post for a Junior Green Building Consultant and I'm pumped!!! 32 applicants so far though... :|


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