Monday, March 1, 2010


For all the Canadians that follow this blog Roll up the Rim starts today!!  Yeah!!  Level of excitement rising!  I can't wait to start looking on the ground and through garbage cans for unrolled cups (Only if they're near the top, clearly visible, and not covered in something that looks dirty.  Don't judge :) ).  For those of you (probably most) that have no idea what I'm talking about see the pictures below.

By the way:  Congrats Canada on winning the Hockey Game and setting a new record with the most gold metals ever won in the Winter Olympics!




  1. It's a glorious day, indeed! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  2. Ah, the dreaded "Please Play Again"

    Didn't realize it had started, maybe I'll head over to Tim Hortons today since the weather's so spring-like.

  3. Yeah!

    It is really nice today. I'm just in an all around awesome mood since finishing the design project, having an early day, the warm weather, getting 93.33% on my steel design test, roll up the rim, and more! Yeah!

  4. The hockey thing....whatever. I watched a show last night called "The Lottery Changed My Life". It was about people that won millions. I was thinking about people that have very little and spend much more than they should on lottery tickets getting them into financial trouble. You don't see a show on that! Good luck on the rims!

  5. To be honest I'm not a fan of watching any sports. It's just so boring. Lottery tickets are a little ridiculous. At least for roll up the rim you get a coffee that you'd get anyways (although slightly more frequently).

  6. YAy!! Roll up the rim! I think I've only even won twice in 10 years.. here's hoping!

  7. I started home brewing coffee about 3 years ago due to quality but I had to get a Tim's today.... I didn't win.

    I must agree with you on not being a fan of watching sports. I did watch the over time thought and it was exciting to see the Canadian team win.

  8. Yeah we usually home brew. We're getting a little sick of school though and getting up a little later. So there's less time and home coffee is nowhere near as good. Plus it's roll up the rim. Yes I'm trying to convince myself it's alright.

    I've won probably almost 10 times (including cups that weren't mine).


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