Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Conophytum & Lithops Update V (31 Days)

First the Conophytum update.  They look the same, so no pictures.  Now the Lithops are doing very well.  They've started to develop different colours and there have been continuing new sprouts (the tiny green ones).  Some of them still have their little seed husks attached at the edges.  It's crazy that a month ago these little plants fit in those tiny capsules.  Hopefully they continue to grow this well!  I've reduced watering, but still mist once per day.

Larry the *cough* is also doing very well.  He kind of looks like pac-man's cousin at this point.  Still not sure of the proper species ID.  I am excited that I have a third variety of strange succulent though.


  1. the lithops are getting darker - it's a good thing, they look very healthy :)
    Larry looks like some kind of a pleiopilos to me, it's hard to tell. and he's cute!

  2. I'm still thinking Cheiridopsis peculiaris or maybe an Argyroderma but Pleiospilos is another good guess. Larry looks awesome whatever he is.

  3. Ooh yeah check this out:

    Pleiospilos may have been a good call.

  4. Yeah that Pleiospilos looks extremely similar. There is no patterning yet but the shape is nearly identical. I think this is the forerunner at the moment. Thanks!

  5. I was thinking he looked like a robot pincer or a pair of children's safety scissors... But PacMan's cousin works, too!

  6. I like the robot pincer analogy. Then the little disk at the base could make more sense...


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