Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Burgeoning Bougainvillea

I managed to get back to the greenhouses yesterday so I have a lot of pictures to upload over the next few days.  The Bougainvillea always look great so I couldn't help but take some more pictures.  They're just awesome for macro photography.  So delicate and papery with little veins in the bracts.

I definitely need to get a plant of my own.  They're always in bloom and look great flagging the entrance to the lower greenhouses.  We've got a bunch of colours including purple, pink and orange.  We also started a bunch of cuttings but them seem to be consistently over-watered and about 1/3 look like they aren't going to make it.  It really bugs me because it's such a nice plant.

I'm really excited for the next few days.  I have no classes tomorrow and they are all canceled for Friday.  Four day weekend and it's my birthday today!  Yeah!!


  1. They don't even look real! They look like some sort or oragami or something of the sort! Pretty, though.

  2. The really do. No colour correction or anything. Just a nice sunny day. They always look great, even if they're dying. Wonderful plant!

  3. These plants are just looking so lushious here too! They are so beautiful growing over arbors, around mailboxes, etc. I can't have one in my yard tho, cause I refuse to deal with the thorns!!! I knew someone who ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics due to infection after stepping on one! Been scared ever since! I know I am a big chicken!!! :)

  4. amazing colors! this plant does look impressive

    happy birthday :) i wish you all the happiness (and all the health to your plants which, i know as a plant owner, will surely add to the happiness :) )

  5. The colorful papery bits are bracts not petals. And Happy Birthday!

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  7. The Gaudy Garden, sorry to make you feel homesick. I'd love to visit Florida, it sounds gorgeous!

    Julie, I have a bad history with thorns. It's generally from cacti though. Usually if I walk within 10m (30ft) of them I end up with thorns in me. No problems with spiny bushes though. :)

    Kenneth Moore, Thanks!

    Kaveh, my bad. I corrected it! Yes the flowers are those little tiny things.


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