Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lithop & Conophytum Sowing

I finally planted the Lithop and Conophytum seeds today.  The Conophytum are pretty small, but the Lithops are downright tiny.  The bigger things in the bag below are actually capsules with many seeds in them as opposed to these seeds themselves.  I emptied them into a slightly curved Walmart receipt and then sprinkled them on the surface.  I have no idea if they actually landed there or disappeared into another dimension.

Hopefully I'll start to see the first sprouts in a week.  I had trouble finding the stuff I needed for the mixes I mentioned previously so I sort of winged it.  I mixed 1/3 cactus mix with 1/3 fish gravel and 1/3 silica sand and a bit of vermiculite and put it in the bottom of the pot.  I then put about 2cm of mostly gravel and sand with only a small amount of soil on top.  Ventilation is important but I'll cover them with plastic so they don't dry out.  They need a day and night heat cycle so I'll only keep them under the grow lights during the day.


  1. Interest seeding mix. You grow some really cool stuff!

  2. I like strange plants. It's really fun to grow them from seed! I've had some epic failures but most tend to work out.

  3. I've never been a big seed person, though I did grow some veggies from seed in my summer garden. I'm guessing Lithop and Conophytum are related. Both have daisy-like flowers and similar looking plants. (I took local flora and plant morphology in college). Interesting looking, that's for sure.

  4. They are very similar plants. The major difference is that lithops have a dormancy cycle whereas conophytum do not. That's why I put the seeds in different pots. There are both in the Aizoaceae family.


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