Monday, February 22, 2010

Conophytum & Lithops Sprouts! (5 Days)

I checked the Conophytum and Lithops pots when I got home today and was delighted to see little lime-green specks in one of the pots!  I'm pretty sure they are baby Conophytum.  I didn't label the pots but I put the Lithops are in the one with less substrate.  I barely had enough mixture for the two pots and I figured Lithops spend half the year dormant, so they can have slightly less.

So these are probably little Conophytum sprouts.  I left the under the light during the day and just set them on the concrete floor through the night to emulate their natural heat cycles (supposedly helps to break dormancy).  I planted them on the 17th so it's only been 5 days.  I'm super excited.  They're just these adorable little lime-green blips - *Breathe*.  You can even see that each one has a pair of leaves!  They almost look like little tiny molars.  Yeah!!

And yes.  One picture of tiny little green dots was not enough.  So here are two!  You can see 4 in the first and 3 in the second and there are around 6 total so far.

UPDATE:  The Lithops are now sprouting (about 3)!  They actually look slightly more plant like than the green molar Conophytum.  No pics of them in this post but definitely in a later one.


  1. your conophytum and my escobaria...

    we're just the proudest papa's around, aren't we?

    I've never been tempted to grow these, and I don't really know why. I always liked them... They sure are cute though...

  2. We sure are! I thought they'd be interesting to grow but I didn't realize I'd be this excited. I was pretty much squealing when I saw them.

  3. Sure are! I hope you get the reserves sorted out. What a pain...

  4. Awww! So cute. Yes they are tiny. So are the seeds! I'm going to plant mine soon, and hope that 1. I can *see* the seed (as in where I cast them on the medium), and 2. that they are viable as yours were. They are so bizarre/neat. I'd be squealing w/ delight if mine emerged too!

  5. Hopefully they grow well. Be careful of them drying out. I mist several times a day and have ziplock bags sitting over the pots.


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