Friday, January 29, 2010

Seeds Arrive!

So the first of my seeds - from three different sources - all arrived today!  I can't believe I was actually going to try and limit my self to 5 packets.  I think I'm crazy.  I'm already up to 11 and there are more planned!  The Datura alba was free.  I was kind of excited by this but I've got limited space to start plants.  Clearly I'll have to start them so things will just be a little more cramped (apparently I feel like being a victim right now).  You can see the packs below.

Wow.  Joseph at Green Sparrow is already up to 100 seed packs!  I'm a little jealous... 


  1. Lots of interesting things! I have grown the double datura before, it is a nice plant. I don't know if they over winter like the brugmansia though.

    The blog I was the crocus on was:

  2. Datura do alright indoors. Or, rather, I had one that did alright, if a little spindly, in my window until it got spider mites and I was like "Um, I can grow this just fine next year, I have plenty of seeds from that one pod I saved." (In case you want more, I gots 'em.) (I'm assuming "Datura Alba" is Datura moonflower, like this or this?) I'm excited to see how the double ones turn out--they look beautiful in the catalogs! Datura gets ginormous and is halucinogenic/poisonous. Wicked. :-P

    And... Coconut? AWESOME!

  3. I think there was actually a problem here a few years ago with elementary school kids eating Datura seeds. It's good to know they can make it, but yeah I figure I'd just grab some seeds. It looks like alba and moonflower are the same thing.

  4. Also, don't make a tea out of their leaves... Rather, just avoid ingesting any part of the plant. That's the safest bet. I mean, unless you want the hallucinogenic and potentially deadly effects.

    I love the seed pods. The plant is so beautiful, even without flowers!

    Let me know if you think it smells like delicious peanut butter or icky rancid peanut butter when you brush up against the plant. I think it smells yummy, but other people recoil in disgust.

    To each his own.


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