Thursday, January 28, 2010


It's negative 12C out with a minus 20C windchill and it's suppose to get colder.  About a week ago, it was above 0C.  Way to dash my hopes of an early spring.  Bad weather.  Bad.  I'm going to find a warm cozy basket to curl up in until spring.


  1. The weather definitely was a shock today. At least winter to this point has not been bad, march is coming soon. I was just on a Vancouver blog the other day, crocus are blooming their....

  2. But it's going back up next week! just... uh... don't look out the window or go outside until Sunday! (wouldn't that be nice) But seriously, back up to -1 on Tuesday from what I hear.

  3. I know, but the yo-yo is almost more annoying. It's like "you can have a little taste of warmth, oh and it's gone! I got you're hopes up didn't I? Maybe next time... Oh got you again!"


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