Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adenium arabicum Update V (162 Days)

I've mentioned before that the Adenium were doing well but I didn't realize how well.  The largest ones are twice the size they were the last time I took a picture and it's only been about three weeks!  The smaller ones took about a month longer to come out of dormancy but I'm sure they'll catch up.  They're already much larger than they were in the last picture.

I want to keep them in their current pot as long as possible but I'm thinking the larger ones may need a new home in a month or so.  As long as they don't go dormant again after the 'shocking' transplant I think I may get my first flowers this summer!  Below are two different views.  In the second one you can see that one plant has started to branch.  Oh, they grow up so fast...


  1. This is a new plant for me. I've had one (in Florida) for a couple of years. It reminds me of Jade Plant in form. Since the plant is grow outside in a pot, it is prone to mealy bugs. So must be sprayed. But, when in bloom, gorgeous!

  2. Even these ones seem a bit prone to pests (mites) I mist them every morning and evening and this seems to keep them at bay. They do kind of look like Jade Plants, especially when young.

  3. Yep, ordered from Thailand. The mother plant is an Adenium arabicum black RCN. Most should be similar to the mother, but I'm already seeing some variation.

  4. Planted 130 assorted Adenium seed 03-08-10. They have bottom heat and grow lights. So in a few days I should see sprouts. I have purchased several adenium plants for different shops around town. Thought I would try growing my own. If you have any comments on what you did right or wron pleas let me know.

    Mike in

  5. From my experience with the seedlings:

    (1) Don't let them dry out
    (2) They like consistent conditions. Every time I move or transplant them they seem to go dormant.

    I would transplant them young and be VERY careful not to damage the root. Keep as much dirt on the root as you can and maybe 'cut' a soil cube out as opposed to pulling out the seedlings.

    Other than the dormancy they seem to be easy. I haven't lost any since I initially culled the seedlings. I mist them every morning and evening because I've had some mite problems. If you don't need to mist, don't.

    Hopefully that was helpful and if you have any more questions just ask. They should germinate quickly. Good luck!


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