Thursday, December 31, 2009

Japanese Red Pine Seedlings (Pinus densiflora)

James' father started a few Japanese Red Pine seedlings a while ago.  They've been growing relatively slowly and I'm not sure why.  I let them dry out between waterings and fertilize every two weeks.  I've been growing them under 24 hour light at about 28C.  I'm thinking this may be too warm but it's the only place I have for them right now.  I would really appreciate any thoughts or tips you may have!


  1. I know nothing of pines, or trees for that matter. But when rooting roses, I never fertilize the first year in fear of burn. I do use a hormone stimulant. FWIW

  2. I wouldn't normally fertilize this young, but they just seem to be growing so slowly... Hopefully things will turn around. I love all the rose pictures on you're blog. You have some very nice varieties!

  3. Possible naming error? I googled Pinus densiflora and all the sites that came up called it Japanese red pine. Screw pines generally refer to the genus Pandanus.

    Also: maybe they're just slow growers?

  4. You are completely correct. I put in the wrong name for some reason.

  5. Hi Japanese red pines should be planted in a granular soil mix example 70% horticultural grit and 30% sand.Red Pines need a well drained soil.feeding should begin once you see roots coming out from the bottom of the pot use a slow release organic fertilizer and water every day

    it is ok to start the seeds in compost but once the seedlings are large enough to handle they should be pulled up and re-potted in a free draining mix hope this helps you


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