Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dracaena Flowering

This is the first time I have ever seen a Dracaena flower.  The stalk is very impressive given the limited size and number of leaves on the plant. I never would have expected a long and trailing stalk with clusters of flowers.  It doesn't look like any have opened yet but I'm excited to see what this plant has in store.

Now just for fun, here is the future of the coffee industry - Canadian Coffea arabica beans!!


  1. wow! i've never seen that either. any idea how you got yours to flower?

  2. Other than keeping it in a greenhouse no. It's fertilized every two weeks. Unfortunately when I went in to work on Tuesday the plant was gone. I'm a little disappointed but at least I got to see some of it.

  3. We have one here in the library where I work (I probably brought it here but can't remember for sure) and it has bloomed for the past two years. I didn't realize they bloomed either until it happened. The fragrance of the blooms is over-powering and some people even complained about it last year.

  4. I love the coffee plant! That's so cool! Maybe you can bite into a bean to find out what it tastes like!

    That other plant is pretty interesting too.

  5. I may just try that. I really wish that other plant didn't just disappear.

  6. let the dracaena massangeana get super dry and cut its light level and they will flower
    plants flower as a last ditch attempt at reproducing and continuing of its species
    try to kill it
    it will bloom


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