Friday, November 20, 2009

Sauromatum guttatum (Voodoo Lily)

The Voodoo Lily is one of the strangest plants we have in the greenhouses.  The pot appeared empty for months and then something began to sprout.  I assumed it was growing leaves but instead it produced this large flower.  They're suppose to smell really awful but I guess the scent isn't strong enough yet to be apparent.  After the flower dies a single, round segmented leaf will be produced.

The Voodoo Lily is a perennial and enjoys both heat and humidity.  It's recommended for zones 10-11.  The soil may be sandy/clayey loam and being slightly acidic is often helpful.  This is definitely a plant for people interested in oddities!  I've also added a picture of a Euphorbia that has produced some tiny 'leaves' on the growing tip.

Euphorbia grandicornis


  1. If you put the (Voodoo Lily) in a confined space like a room in your house you would realize how bad it smells!..

  2. Yes it smells really bad for a day or two when it flowers then it is ok.


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