Monday, November 30, 2009

Hibiscus Blooms

I love the Hibiscus in the greenhouses.  I've posted about them many times before but they are just so amazing.  This first variety has variegated white and green leaves.  What's interesting is that the flowers also show variegation.  From the front you can't see anything but from the back you can see some white colouration throughout the base of the petals.

There is a variety that produces a large stamen, but this one appears to be different.  This one has a normally sized stamen but is wrapped in an extra tight petal towards the centre.  The plant is is growing on is actually being trained as a bonsai but has been allowed to flower.

Finally we come to my favourite flower in the greenhouse.  There are at least three of these plants and every time they bloom I have to take pictures.  The colour is just amazing!  There is a mixture of yellow, orange red at the tips, white and pink.  The picture colour has not been modified and was taken while it was raining our with no artificial light.  It's almost unbelievable to me!  That's why I have to include ten million photos instead of just one...


  1. The last one is just amazing. I'd never think of putting orange and pink together but it somehow works. Do you know the name?

  2. No I don't, I really should find out though. I'll make sure to ask tomorrow.

  3. I agree with Phillip, the last one is spectacular. You're pretty lucky to be around such beautiful things all day.

  4. Whoa! I'm a fan of Hibiscus too, but that last one is truly nice. :P It makes me think of drinking a cold beverage from a coconut on a bright hot day.

  5. From Mag at the greenhouses:

    It’s a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis but I don’t know what specific variety it is. Looks like the hybrid “all aglow”.


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