Sunday, November 22, 2009

Greenhouse Fruit

We have a small selection of fruit growing in the greenhouses.  The dwarf pomegranate isn't ripe yet, but the orange and lime are getting close.  We also have some young lemons started but they're at least a year away from producing any fruit.

I was inspired by Thomas over at A Growing Tradition.  He has this wonderful little Meyer Lemon Tree.  He has posted several times about it and even made marmalade out of his latest harvest!


  1. The pomegranate would be cool to grow! I have had a variegated pink lemon growing in a pot for a few years. No fruit set this season unfortunately but I did get one last year.

  2. Thanks for posting these pictures. I can look at citrus trees all day! Are you ever tempted to sneak a couple in your pocket? :) I know I would be!

    The dwarf pomegranate looks very interesting. I've considered purchasing one but the little fruits seem like too much work to eat.

    By any change, does your university have any miracle fruit growing in the greenhouses? I can see college kids having fun with that plant!

  3. I've taken one of the oranges but it happened to be from a variety that was decorative. It was unbelievably sour. Now I'm scared of all the oranges. I would like to try one of the pomegranates though.

    No we don't have any miracle fruit. I really wish we did though. I purchased some seeds but they were dried out by the time I got them and never sprouted.... I was really disappointed. In fact I haven't even thrown them out yet. They're just sitting there as I desperately hope they'll sprout.

  4. I'm glad to see you're able to get the pomegranate to fruit in a greenhouse. From what I've read, it's not an easy thing to accomplish.


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