Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cordyline terminalis Flowers

I have never seen this plant flower before.  It's one of those plants that you don't even envision flowering because of the wonderful foliage.  They flowers are definitely nice but don't compare to the foliage.

I also uploaded an image of our Clivia.  I've started four seedlings from these plants and one appears to be an albino (two white leaves).  I really hope it continues to grow and doesn't just die off.  The growth rate is definitely slower than with the green leafed seedlings.

Clivia unripe pods


  1. I love the beautiful foliage on the cordyline. I had one clivia many moons ago and it died on me. I need to get another one. I think they are spectacular plants.

  2. Yeah I really like those clivia. They seem to be growing really slowly and I'm debated just getting a young plant. I really hope that albino one survives though...


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