Monday, October 19, 2009

Miniature Orange & Passion Fruit

In one of the greenhouses we have several varieties of citrus plants.  I was surprised by the strength of the flower's scent.  You can easily smell the tiny little flowers from several feet away.  The plants are constantly in bloom and as a result always covered with fruit.  The fruit of the Citrus mitis looks very good but it is EXTREMELY sour.  By no means should anyone consider this food edible.  This is honestly one of the most sour things I have ever tried to eat.  I recommend trying it so that you can see what the most sour thing is you can eat without permanently damaging your taste buds.

These plants are mainly grown for their decorative value.  They are very interesting with their thin, delicate looking branches and 'large' fruit.  Unfortunately these plants tend to have a lot of die back.  When the dead growth is removed they then decide to die back even more, so we tend to leave it on.  Below you can see a picture of the one with the most fruit.  We also have dwarf pomegranates but they have an insect infestation right now.

I also noticed that one of our Passion Fruits (Passiflora) has actually developed a fruit.  Most of these are sterile hybrids so this was quite the surprise.  I think the fruit is still sterile because it felt a little deflated when I touched it, but I'm surprised it developed nonetheless.

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