Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I love coleus!  I learned the hard way that they really do not like full sun.  Over the summer I got a hold of about a dozen plants.  A lot of plants with colourful leaves tend to like full sun.  So I decided to put them in a location with full sun.  Within a few days the leaves and plants in general looked awful.  I assumed it was just the move to a new location.  They grew over the next few weeks but looked horrible.  I finally decided to look them up and was surprised that they like partial sun.  I didn't end up moving them and they suffered all summer (I always felt bad, but had no space in the shade to move them to).

Inside the UWO Greenhouses they use coleus for some of the science labs.  There are several different varieties and they look just fantastic together.  All of these are cuttings that we made in the summer and after only about three months they've grown to their current size.  Next year I'll make sure to plant them somewhere with a little less sun so I can enjoy plants like these all summer!

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