Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Orchid Foliage Identification Pt. 1/2

I noticed that there are a lot of helpful pictures to identify orchids by their flowers.  However there aren't nearly as many to help identify them when they're not in flower.  We've only had a few plants flower this summer so I figured I would take some pictures to help others identify unknown plants that also aren't in flower.

Cymbidium hybrid
Long but relatively thin leaves with gentle arch, small pseudobulbs
may appear hairy, dense growth

Maxillaria curtipes houtteara
long and thin leaves with bend along length at middle, oval pseudobulbs but flattened at sides may be located above soil, dense growth

Maxillaria variabilis
Similar to above but leaves are thicker with more rounded tips, pseudobulbs are also rounded but still appear slightly 'squished', here small yellow flowers are also present

Coelogyne cristata
Short and compact growth, pseudobulbs are round, leaves are thin at beginning and end but thick towards the middle, leaves from pseudobulbs are often in clear pairs

Tends to grow out of pot or down sides, thick fleshy leaves grow from rosette, pseudobulbs oval shape but flattened

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