Monday, September 7, 2009

Large Succulents

Here are some of the larger succulent plants in the greenhouse.

Unknown Giant Cactus (it's huge and has small yellow flowers about 6cm across)

Kalanchoe beharensis (Elephant Ear)
(this plant can look great when planted in threes in a large planter)

Sedum morganianum (small plant but large effect)

Crassula ovata (we have a forest of at least sixteen of these, note the trunk in the lower right-hand corner is much darker than the rest)

Euphoreia milii (Crown of Thorns is a very striking plant with it's large oval leaves, striking sharp spines and delicate red flowers)


  1. What a nice greenhouse collection! Wonder what the unknown giant cactus really is!!! Hmmmmm.....

  2. Me too. I wish there was a label. We also have a large night flowering cactus in a smaller room. It has many 'branches' that look almost like drooping snakes.


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