Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brassavola spp. (perrinni?)

Brassavola are beautiful star shaped orchids that are native to Central America. The flowers of most species are white with a bit of yellow. Some have brownish markings on their petals as well. Like most orchids they enjoy high humidity. This one is located in the tropical room right above our fish pond. We never fertilize it, but give it a thorough spray of water every day. It receives direct sun for a portion of the day and requires more light than the average orchid.

The pictures below really do not do this plant justice. The beautiful, delecate white flowers contrast greatly with the strong form of the plant. That being said, the linear form of the leaves is emulated much more casually within the outer petals of the flowers. This ties both elements together very nicely. This is one of my favourite orchids!

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