Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adenium arabicum Transplant (26 Days)

First I'd like to say this is my 100th post!  Now I've been meaning to transplant the Adenium for a few weeks but just got around to doing it today.  This is the last day of my summer vacation so I figured I should do it before my free time disappears for another 8 months.  I used a small shovel to dig them out of the pot.  Most of them had a chunk of dirt around their roots so I could simply place them on the soil in their new home and then fill in the sides.  About 1/3 of their taproots were slightly damaged, but this is supposedly a very resilient plant.

I ended up using a mixture of potting soil, orchid mix, vermiculite, sand and a very small amount of manure.  There are many different mixes that should work but it is important to keep a ratio of about 1:1 water retention:drainage.

I have limited space and finances so the new container is an old window box with cardboard dividers (to reduce root intertwining).  Each plant has a 5x5cm (2x2in) cell that is about 10cm (4in) in depth.  They shouldn't need to be moved for about 2 or 3 months.


  1. Thanks! It went by very quickly.

  2. W/r/t your question on my blog (I didn't know if you'd see my response there or not): my guess would be that probably the defoliation is the result of the transplanting (and maybe also the change of seasons), and they'll come back eventually. The time for despair is if/when the stems go mushy instead of firm: so long as they're not mushy, there's hope.

  3. I appreciate the positive reinforcement! I guess only time will tell. You sure got back to me quickly!


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