Monday, August 24, 2009

Civic Garden Complex

Yesterday we went for a walk that took us through the London Municipal Gardens. The plants have grown a lot and the Castor Beans have nearly doubled in size in the last three weeks. In the picture below you can see Castor Beans, Canna, Zinnias, Coleus, and some ornamental grass.

In the closer flower bead you can see large plantings of Lantana. The flowers are orange, red, purple, yellow, pink and any shade in between.

Now I have no idea what this white plants is but I absolutely love it! If anyone can identify it I would really appreciate it.

I think this flower bed is very well put together. I especially love those decorative thistles!


  1. Stunning! I don't know what the white flower is either.

  2. It is really nice isn't it? Last year I harvested some seeds from the Castor Beans. They grew very well but the day I put them outside it was calm in the morning and extremely windy in the afternoon. I don't recommend doing the same because only three survived. I hope to get even more this year as well as some cuttings of Lantana.

  3. This garden is London, Ontario? I live not too much farther, south, near Buffalo, NY. I have some Lantana in my garden for the 1st time and really like it! Will it survivie the winter here or should I take cuttings, or just buy more next spring??

  4. Buffalo seems to be zone 5a to 6a. London is about 6a/b thanks to the lakes. Lantana is supposedly hardy to zone 7 so it may survive a light winter but I wouldn't count on it. I would just take some cuttings. You could try bringing in some of the plants and hope they make it through the winter. It's possible they might even go dormant. If you keep the same plant long enough it can grow into a small tree or shrub.


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