Friday, August 7, 2009

Moringa Seedling (30 Days) Update

Here's an update of the Moringa seedlings. The oleifera had nearly stopped growing but seems to have resumed now that it's in full sun all day. I noticed white patterning on the leaves which appears to be some kind of leaf miner insect. I'm not sure how to get rid of them but I'll look into it and share it when I find out how. I left half of the oleifera in the greenhouse and took the other half home. I'll leave them outside during sunny days and keep them in a small outdoor plastic greenhouse during nights and heavy rain/wind.

The stenopetala seem to be growing rapidly. So far 8/12 seeds have sprouted which is fantastic given that I only ordered six (bonus seeds make me feel warm and fuzzy inside). They seem more vigorous then the oleifera. I noticed that two of the sprouts have been gnawed on by a chipmunk. One is missing about 1/3 of it's seed leaf with a little portion of the first few leaves missing (the left seedling in the image below). The other is missing about 1/2 of it's seed leaves and the first set of leaves have been completely removed (not shown). I'm concerned that this one may not make it.

We've finally had some nice warm sunny weather here for a few days. As a result many of our Hibiscus have burst into bloom. Here's a picture showing a few of the plants. I'll update sometime within the next few days with images of the individual flowers. Some of these varieties are vary interesting and I have not seen them bloom before.

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