Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moringa oleifera (34 Days)/stenopetala (12 Days) Update

It's been a few days so I figured I would do an update on the Moringa. Below you can see the oleifera. They have started growing again and seem to be recovering from the leaf miners. Emily, who I purchased the stenopetala seeds from, suggested Neem Oil which I'll use if the plants seem to be getting worse. These are the plants that I left at the greenhouse and I brought them home today to join the others.

The seedlings that suffered most are the ones that I bare root transplanting in the sun. They lost most of their leaves but growth has resumed. These plants really can take a lot.

Here's a close-up of what seems to be insect damage and has distorted the leaves.

You can clearly see the damage to the leaves (light colouration) below as well as where the leaves have been eaten by a small animal. The plants are now doing well but for something that is generally easy to grow and pest free I sure have had some bad luck.

The stenopetala have been growing very well. So far 11/12 seeds have sprouted which is fantastic. Unfortunately a chipmunk seems to really enjoy the taste of the seedlings and has completely removed the tops of three of them. Some of the seed leaves of others have been removed but the plants seem to be alright. That leaves 8 sprouts that are growing well and have not been affected by anything other than the chipmunk. These are by far the smallest of the stenopetala seedlings. Most of the others are at least twice the size of the largest one in this image.

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