Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Germination & Seedling Update

Here are the latest images of the seedlings. I must say that after being away for four days I was extremely underwhelmed with the amount of growth. The newest additions are the Moringa stenopetala. About four or five of the twelve seeds I've planted have started to sprout. Based on the Moringa oleifera sprouting speed I thought most seeds would be up with their first set of leaves. None are standing up yet but the first one should be upright by tomorrow.

I brought some of the Moringa oleifera home to see how it grows outdoors. My major concern is that it will be eaten by one of the many geese that live in the area. I also transplanted three of the Adansonia (Baobab) into new pots. I left the fourth in the original pot with the other three seeds that have yet to germinate. They are now all in full sun in my backyard and I expect relatively rapid growth.

Moringa stenopetala (about 4/12 so far)

Moringa oleifera (I'm concerned about some white patterns on the leaves and will research it after this post)

Adansonia digitata (still 4/7 seeds so far)

Laburnum watereri (only 4/20 seeds so far, there are two different pots)


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