Sunday, August 9, 2009

Around the Greenhouse

I'm going to Toronto tomorrow so I won't be going in to work. I've decided to upload a few images from around the greenhouse that haven't really fit into other posts. Tomorrow morning I'll post the Hibiscus images.

Our fish pond is located in the tropical room. It houses koi and goldfish. The largest koi with the long fins is about 12 years old.

Although we have started several Barberry plants in the greenhouse, the nicest one is located outside. Then entire plant is covered in these red/pink/purple leaves.

Now for a Bougainvillea close up. You can really see where the nickname 'paper flower' comes from. The flower veins are also clearly visible and the inner portions are all in different stages of bloom.

A few days ago a second variety of our Passion Flowers began to bloom. There is at least two other kinds that should start blooming soon.


  1. I have many fishes in my house.

  2. I used to have three aquariums but I'm down to one with three yellow Mbuna.


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