Saturday, August 22, 2009

Albizzia julibrissin (Mimosa or Silk Tree)

A few days ago one of our Albizzia julibrissin began flowering. Only a few weeks earlier the tree had nearly died back due to an insect infestation. This tree is young and only about 2m tall. I have however noticed a full grown one on campus sheltered on four sides by the Physics and Astronomy Building. I live in zone 5/6 but this tree experiences no dieback in the winter. I guess the building has created a microclimate bringing conditions up to around zone 7.

This tree generally grow to about 10m but may be as large as 13m. The spread is generally similar. It usually grows more than 1m per year and is a good choice to produce a mature looking landscape quickly. It should not be used in warmer zones as a yard can rapidly be invaded by hundreds of seedlings.


  1. When I was a kid, these trees grew all over the place but now I don't see them anywhere except when I go to Florida every year. They are considered a weed tree here because they can quickly take over. They are so exotic looking.

  2. i love these trees, they r so cool!!!


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