Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tropical Room

The largest room in the greenhouse complex is the Tropical Room. Not all plants are tropical but for the most part it is really lush, warm and humid. I've uploaded a bunch of pictures along with some short descriptions. The picture above is the view as you first walk in.

First off we have a small fish pond near the entrance to the room. It's filled with gold fish and koi as well as some aquatic plants.

This section of the room is filled primarily with bromeliads. You can also see some chinese evergreen and epiphytes hanging from above.

In this picture you can see three large pots filled with Clivia. It's one of my favourite greenhouse plants.

Here you can see the extent of the plant growth.

This is the cacti and succulent corner of the tropical room. The large cactus in the back grows up to and along the greenhouse roof.

This is the epiphyte section located above the fish pond.

You can see the stem of a large vine growing over the door opening. This vine covers the entire side of the greenhouse.

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