Friday, July 24, 2009

Seedling Update

Here's an update on the seeds that I've started. The Moringa have been growing well but not as quickly as I'd expect. I ended up moving everything to another area of the greenhouse because temperatures were too low in their old location. For some reason we've had a really cool and wet summer so far this year. Today is only about 23C and the season average for this time of year is around 27C. It's also been very rainy/cloudy for the last few weeks which is very unusual for this time of year in London. I think this may be the reason for the reduced growth of the Moringa.  It's been about 16 Days since soaking.

The Coffee is growing slowly and no leaves are visible yet. The soil is nowhere near as moist as it looks in the picture. The Hippeastrum are also still growing slowly but steadily. I also decided to take a picture of the Hymenocallis seeds. I placed them on the surface of the mixture with their flat side down (seeds may not have a flat side if their is only one in a pod).

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