Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moringa stenopetala Seeds Arrive!

Yesterday afternoon my Moringa stenopetala seeds arrived! I thought it would take several weeks, but I purchased these from a different seller and it only took about 9 days. The seller is Not only did I receive the seeds promptly, but I also was given 12 seeds instead of 6, growing and care instructions, and a pen, as well as a hand written letter. I was very impressed with this seller.

I soaked the seeds overnight and planted them around noon today. The soil is a mixture of sandy loam, peat moss, and some extra river sand. The temperature is about 25C and the pots receive full sun in the afternoon.


  1. I did some tissue culture of Moringa in the lab.. But it's of a different species. Your studies are so interesting.

  2. Andrew - I sold you those seeds. Are they up and running yet? - Emily Tack

  3. 11/12 so far which is fantastic. Thanks for letting me know that the ones that were eaten should regrow. I was about to through them out...

  4. I did some research on Inter-cropping moringa and jatropha seed in my lab to gain more health and wealth.

    I think it must be completed with in a few days. will post my report soon.

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  5. The info are impressive.. It was very useful to everyone...

    Do you have PKM 1 seeds? I found this seeds in a web:

  6. I've heard the yields for PKM 1 are very impressive (pods/acre). I'll leave the above in case anyone wants to grow this variety. Of course make sure to look around for other sources.


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