Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home Garden

I don't have much to post today so I figured I'd take a few pictures of the garden. I'll start off with a picture of one of the brussel sprouts. There still about two months from being mature but are already quite visible (please pretend the weeds aren't there).

Next I have a picture of some morning glory. I started it in March but when I brought it outside it completely stopped growing for about a month. Now it's covered in several flowers each day and there are more every week.

Finally, here's a picture of the elusive Canadian Tree Frog. Now it's clearly not a tree frog but I thought it was interested that it was just sitting in the top of this bush. I live in a new subdivision with a lot of construction and poor drainage. There are large ponds in many of the empty lots and as a result there are thousands of young toads and frogs.

I'll be working again tomorrow so I'll have some actual greenhouse updates! A new manager is starting tomorrow that will be taking over for the rest of the summer so I'm slightly terrified. Wish me luck!

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