Monday, July 27, 2009

Greenhouse in Bloom

Here's my latest update of the greenhouse flowers. I also took a look at the seeds I've started and a Baobab is already sprouting! There is noticeable growth on the Moringa even though it was cloudy all weekend. Those plants grow incredibly quickly. There are also a large number of Coffee sprouts. They still have no leaves and are just a stem with a bean at the end. Now for the flowers:

Hibiscus (I know I included some already but they're just so nice)

Cotton (for biology labs in the downstairs greenhouse, what a beautiful backdrop!)

Antigonon leptopus (it covers about 1/6 of the tropical room glass and covers the pathway with fallen pink petals)

Bougainvillea (we also have orange and purple but the purple isn't flowering now and the orange has very few flowers which are also small, does anyone know why this is?)


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