Friday, July 31, 2009

Germination Update

Here are the latest photos of the seeds I've been germinating. It's been warmer and sunnier the last few days and the Ginger and Laburnum have started to sprout. The Baobabs have also done very well and four have now sprouted. I won't be back at the greenhouse until Wednesday next week so I hope to see a lot of new germination and growth.

Adansonia (4 out of 7 spouted so far, 10 Days)

Ginger (nothing for several weeks but I think the warmth of the last few days spurred germination, they're small along the right not the Clivia seed, 23 Days)

Laburnum watereri (3 out of about 20 sprouted so far, this one just sprouted and is in front of the tag, 10 Days)

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